Consumption_webJanuary’s free eBook giveaway is now available for purchase via!  A lot of people downloaded Consumption when I gave it away to members of my email list in January, but now I’ve uploaded it to Amazon and am selling it for $0.99 – and the reviews are in!

4.0 out of 5 stars: Wild, Weird, Western February 3, 2013

By Larry Kollar

“I don’t generally read Westerns, but this was a lot of fun. Three college boys investigate some strange goings-on in the next town over, and run into something completely unexpected. I can’t say much more, because I’ll give it away, but I did *not* see the ending coming. It was great.

Seriously, check this one out if you *do* like Westerns, the supernatural, or both!”

5.0 out of 5 stars: Great story with a fantastic ending February 3, 2013

By J. T. Evans

“I’m not giving away the ending here, but it’s well worth the trip through Patrick’s words. Heck, all the entire story is a great romp through weird happenings set in a historically accurate setting. I can feel the camaraderie of the men in the story, and the characters damn near leap from the page at you. I can’t wait for more tales of the new universe!”

5.0 out of 5 stars: The ending will surprise you February 3, 2013

By TeslaTodd

“I have read a ton of fiction over the years, and so much of it is formula genre remashes. Consumption is different. This story takes you to a place you’ve never been, with characters that you know better than you think. This is one of those rare unpredictable stories that you immediately want to read again because it snuck up on you and you didn’t see it coming the first time, but somehow you think that you should have.”

Thanks for the great reviews!

If you can/want to buy Consumption, that will help me (I’m unemployed at the moment).  If not, tell your friends!  I may release on other platforms later, but for now, it’s only on Kindle.


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  • ganymeder Posted February 5, 2013 12:33 pm

    Any plans for it to go to other stores? I tried to find it on my NOOK but couldn’t. 🙁

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