Friday Flick: One For The Money


Official Description: Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) is a bright, attractive, confident woman whose entire life has just taken a sudden turn — in the wrong direction. Newly divorced and recently laid off, the only work she can scrape up is a dead-end job at her sleazy cousin’s bail bond office. But when her first big assignment involves tracking down an on-the-lam ex-flame (Jason O’Mara), this tough-as-nails lady bounty hunter will be redefining the meaning of hot pursuit in this thrill-packed action comedy.

Unofficial Description: Huh. It occurs to me that people watch Katherine Heigl movies on purpose.  As in, no one forces them to do it on a dare.  Or at gunpoint.  Or by holding their hand over a garbage disposal and threatening to flip the switch.  They choose to watch em.  Of their own free will.

People are so fucking strange.

You must choose, but choose wisely. For as the true movie will bring you joy and entertainment, the false movie will take it from you…