Official Description: Disney brings enchantment home with The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, an inspiring, magical story for the whole family starring Jennifer Garner. Cindy (Garner) and Jim Green are a happily married couple who can’t wait to start a family but can only dream about what their child would be like. When young Timothy shows up on their doorstep one stormy night, Cindy and Jim – and their small town of Stanleyville – learn that sometimes the unexpected can bring some of life’s greatest gifts. From Academy Awardr-nominated director/writer Peter Hedges (About A Boy, Best Adapted Screenplay, 2002; Dan In Real Life; What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?), it’s a heartwarming celebration of family as only Disney can deliver.

Unofficial Description: This is not a movie that I had any desire to see.  I would not have watched it had it not been a holiday thing forced upon me.  Having said that, I enjoyed this movie for what it was – a heart warming, cute flick.  The premise of a married couple who can’t have kids, so they bury a box full of what ‘their kid’ would be out in their garden, and then that kid appears, hasn’t been done before (to my recollection).  And they do it well.

The two main characters have issues.  Really, it’s baggage that they have been carrying with them for a very long time and, through the arrival of this kid, Timothy, they are able to work through those issues and come out the other side as stronger people and, really, parents.  When you hear someone say, “A heartwarming story”, this is what they are talking about.

Again, I wouldn’t have ever picked this movie up on my own and had to come to it through someone else wanting to see it, but I’m glad that they did.  This movie is what I expect from a Disney movie.   Great flick for a family to watch together.