alesis_podcastingHave a few episodes out this week that I wanted to give a little extra signal boost to.

1.  The SF Signal Monday Panel is back with the first episode of 2013.  In this episode, my panel takes a look at which SF&F Books, Movies, TV Shows and Comics we’re looking forward to in 2013.  Well worth your time to help build your ‘to be read’ and ‘to be watched’ lists for 2013.

2.  In this week’s Functional Nerds podcast, Carrie Cuinn and I disagree about writers working for free.  Sadly, I don’t feel that I was able to communicate fully my thoughts on this subject.  That is due 100% to my being gun shy about this particular topic.  It can be both polarizing and won’t gain you now friends in the publishing industry if you go against the norm.

3.  The Interview Ep of the SF Signal podcast has me chatting with comedy music duo Paul and Storm.  Although this was part of their whirlwind press tour to promote their new Geek and Sundry show, Learning Town, the guys were kind enough to chat with me about their careers, how they came to be a duo and what they have planned for the near-future.