This is a hurdle:


More often than not, we see hurdles as barriers we cannot overcome.  We make them into walls.  But they’re not walls.  They’re just obstacles, and you can soar over obstacles.  Sure, you might trip now and then, maybe skin your knee or scrape your elbows, but it can be done.

The trouble with hurdles is when we not only put them in our path, we allow others to do it too.  People love to tell you what you can’t do, and if you let them, they will toss hurdles down in your path all day and night and leave you feeling like no matter which way you go, you’re screwed.  The trick is not to let them.

I’m constantly reading about the rules.  Everything has rules.  Writing has rules.  The funny thing is that your favorite book probably breaks those rules.  People love to point out that you aren’t following the rules and need to change and conform.  Point to someone else who not only broke the same rule, but is successful as an author, and that same person will dismiss it as a one-off.  I contend there are more ‘one-offs’ out there than anyone wants you to believe.  Why?  If you believe anything is possible, others might too, and then where will we be?  A bunch of people not doing what they’re told?  People leaping over hurdles and breaking down barriers?  Can’t have that.  That leads to chaos, right?

So, absolutely learn the rules, but don’t let them become hurdles or walls to your own success no matter what you do, be it writing or anything else.