Friday Flick: Gone


Official Description: Amanda Seyfried (In Time, Red Riding Hood) stars in this intense thriller about a desperate young woman who, after being ignored by the police, is forced to go on the hunt alone for a maniacal serial killer whom she believes has kidnapped her younger sister.

Unofficial Description: I had high hopes for this one given how much Seyfried has done and how strong she’s become as an actress, and she was good, but overall, this was a slow movie that never quite picked up.

The premise is strong: a woman who was kidnapped, held, but ultimately escapes and lives her life in a paranoid state, constantly worrying that the man who took her once, will take her again.  Worse, no one believes her.  There was no evidence to support her claim, and she couldn’t lead the police back to where she’d been held.  But even with that foundation, this movie couldn’t build anything worthwhile, which is a shame.