Hi there.  I keep reminding people that I am unemployed.  Have been for quite some time now.  Sorry if that feels weird.  It feels weird to me, but it’s the truth, so, what are ya gonna do?  I continue to look for work, and even released an eBook to generate some income, but you could help me out by tossing some freelance work my way.

I have an online resume listing my work experience.  Take a look if you’re interested.  Also, I list specific services I offer and examples of my work to help you decide if I might be a good fit for your project:

  • Photoshop.  I’ve been using Photoshop for a very long time now.  I often tell people about my ‘mad Photoshop skills’.  I have restored aged, cracked and faded photos, have combined multiple images seamlessly, touched up photos, created custom graphics for websites, print media, email, and have even mocked up some covers for books.  One year, I had a mom contact me about ‘fixing’ the photo of Santa she had done with her son.  The boy was so scared/upset, he would not sit there by himself, so the mom sat on the other side of Santa, perched on the armrest of the chair for the photo.  I was able to remove her completely, leaving her with a smiling son sitting on Santa’s lap.  (I kick myself for not keeping a copy of that photo in my portfolio.) These are just some examples of the work I can do in Photoshop, so if you are thinking you’d like some work done, let me know – all jobs are negotiable.
  • InDesign.  With InDesign, I’ve done books, fliers, postcards, greeting cards, posters, business cards – even a catalog for a manufacturer.  There is really no limits when working with InDesign; eBooks, print books, calendars – you name it, I can help you with it.
  • Illustrator.  Illustrator is such a powerful tool.  I’ve used it to create logos, art, custom graphics and text.  Typically, I use Illustrator when I’m going to put a logo on something – like schwag (pens, water bottles, hats, t-shirts) because you want those crisp lines that come from an EPS file.  A lot of people use Photoshop for that kind of thing, but I find the jagged edges Photoshop / raster images can create to be distracting.
  • Podcasting/Narration/Audio Engineering.  You know me and you know my voice.  If you’d like me to help you, train you, show you how it’s all done – I can do that.  If you want to record and have me edit your files together, I can do that too.  If you’re an author looking at doing audio books, I would be happy to narrate for you and hand you studio quality files back.  All prices are negotiable, just contact me for a quote.
  • eBook layout/design.  I don’t have a a lot to show you here (yet), except for Conversations with my Cat, which I put together and released via Kindle.  I also put together the ePub and mobi files SF Signal used for their submission to the 2012 Hugo Awards packet.  I would be willing to create a sample file using your content to show you what I can do here (interactive TOC, eBook cover, layout, etc.).
  • Critique / Editing.  I’ve been doing critiques of other people’s works now for nearly 3 years as part of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group – and recently I became VP of that group.  I even went so far as to create a Critique Template to be better at the process.  I am willing to do a small critique/edit (around 10 pages, standard manuscript formatting) to show you what I can do, and then a complete critique/edit would be negotiable price-wise.
  • Portfolio.  Here, you can see examples of different things I have done including logos, websites, custom graphics, fliers, newsletters, branding, etc.

So, there’s my pitch.  If you see something above that you think you could use some help with, I could use the gig.  Shoot me an email and let’s discuss the project.