Hi there.  Been very quiet online the past week or so.  This is due to my ongoing computer issues.  I have a 2 year old 13 inch MacBook Pro.  A week ago yesterday (Sunday), it froze when I was working in Word and Scrivener.  Since then, it has frozen at least once a day, and there’s been some other issues too – like it suddenly forgetting the Airport, which is how the laptop connects to the Internet wirelessly.  None of these issues appear, at least on the surface, to be tied to any specific piece of software.  I’ve had it freeze when I’m using Mail, Tweetdeck, Scrivener, Word, FireFox, iTunes, TextEdit, System Profiler, Console and the Activity Monitor.

I’m currently working with Apple technicians to figure out what’s causing the problem.  They think it’s software and not hardware, an idea I am clinging to because both my iMacs have had hardware issues after falling out of the extended warranty (Apple Care Protection) and are currently out of commission.  The MacBook Pro is still under Apple Care, which is why I’m getting free phone support, and would be able to take it into a service center should that prove necessary, but doing so would probably mean leaving the laptop there for service, which will suck balls as I will be computerless for the interim.

As John D from SF Signal pointed out when I was whining to him about this: “That sucks!  You live on your computer!”

Yeah.  Pretty much.

The worst part of this is my lack of writing.  I’m afraid to write!  Afraid that I’ll be writing, the computer will freeze up and won’t reboot again after!  So when I am writing, I’m compulsively saving and backing up the saves to an external drive.  But that fear is still there.


Do not misunderstand this as a condemnation of Apple Computers – quite the contrary.  I still believe they are the best machines you can buy.  But when they have an issue, it can be a doozie, which is why you should always buy the extended care/warranty.  I don’t advocate extended warranties on anything else, but it’s worth it for Apple.  I’ve spent hours on the phone with support and haven’t been charged for any of it.  If it does come down to a hardware issue, I won’t pay for that either.  Truly worth it.



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