Nostalgia.  You probably don’t think I have any, or show any, or however you’re supposed to use that in a sentence.  (What? Writer? Me?)

Truth be told, I can be quite nostalgic.  Sentimental, even.  I don’t show it often, so don’t worry and think that I’m suddenly gonna start flooding you with posts with such a slant or leaning to them.  No.  Not gonna happen.

But I would like to share some stuff here today.

In a chat I had with an author they told me how happy they were that we (SFSignal) were nominated in two categories; the blog (best fanzine) and the podcast (best fancast).  I thanked them profusely.  Next, they said something along the lines of, “Yeah, that is really just exciting.  I don’t expect to ever be in your shoes because the things I write are popular, sell well and don’t resonate with the crowd who nominates and votes for the Hugo’s.”

THAT is a conversation for another time.  Maybe.

But, I had to admit – it was kinda true.  I don’t think you’ll ever see a Jim Butcher book on the ballot, which is sad.  No, I wasn’t talking to Mr. Butcher (although I’d love to – his PR people keep turning me down).  And you won’t really be able to figure out who I was talking to, nor should you try, because I talk to sooooooo many.  It was months ago or last week, a man or a woman, someone you’d know or someone you’ve probably never heard of before (but will someday – unless you already do).  How’s that for muddying the water?

This got me thinking about the entire experience in a new light.  I was determined to get the most out of my Hugo adventure at WorldCon, and I did.  I enjoyed having that pin on my collar (I copied Mr. Howard Taylor, who wears his like rank insignia), the ribbon on my badge, the way people’s eyes would light up with curiosity and interest when they noticed one or the other, the conversation(s) that followed that moment, the parties, the instances of inside baseball in regards to the Hugo’s, like rehearsals, training on how to approach the stage, walk across the stage, stand at the podium, make your way backstage, seeing the Hugo Awards lined up behind the curtain, having the artist teach you how to hold the award, clean it, make the prerequisite phallic joke so you (and everyone else watching) didn’t have to (it’s a GIANT ROCKET PEOPLE – YOU KNOW YOU WERE THINKING THE SAME GD THING!), be taken aside by Mr. Jay Lake to have the entire Hugo party/ceremony/after party explained because you are such a newb and have no idea what’s going on…  All of this, and more.

Beyond that, I wanted to hold onto it all for as long as I could.  So I did this:

That’s the wall I see out of the corner of my eye when I’m sitting at my desk and writing or podcasting.  A little closer up, you have:

A certificate from the 70th WorldCon proclaiming that I am a Hugo Nominee

I had no idea I would receive something like this.  It’s just a piece of paper, but what a piece of paper!  I’m a Hugo Nominee.  Forever.  Me.  See?  There’s proof…


My invitation to the Hugo Reception

I thought they would take this at the door.  When they didn’t, I was actually pretty happy about it.  This is another memento of the whole experience.  My first Hugo Reception.  Could be my last, too.  You never know. 🙂


My invitation to the After Party (AKA The Losers Party)

Yep.  I’m a Loser.  But I got to go to a party filled with people also labeled as ‘losers’ who aren’t, not really.  Every single one of us was recognized for what we do, and are now part of a small group of nominees stretching back decades.  The company we enjoy on that list is staggering.  This little piece of paper got me in past the bouncer.  Seriously.  There was a bouncer.  I was gonna take his photo but I was afraid he’d MURDER ME WHERE I STOOD FOR DARING!  …okay, he probably wouldn’t have, but why risk it?

I also have my pin here in the desk drawer along with the pin they gave me at the Loser’s Party.  A couple more mementos to hang onto.

Nostalgia?  Sentimental?