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Well, I am splitting things up a little.

In an attempt to broaden my employment horizons, I have created a new website,, that will serve a dual purpose.

1st, the new site is an online resume.  I have listed my work experience, skills, put up a partial portfolio – everything a potential employer might want to see before deciding to hire me.  I also have a Consulting Page detailing services I intend to offer on a contract or freelance basis.  I strongly encourage you to visit this area as there might be something I can help you with.

2nd, I have a blog there that will focus on all things marketing.  My hope is that this will become a resource for sales people, authors, realtors and loan officers, all of whom I have worked with throughout my career.  To that end, I have also added a link to sign up for a newsletter so you never miss an update – I promise not to spam you if you sign up.

(There’s another newsletter on this very site you’re visiting right now, btw.  Separate mailing list.  That one is devoted to ATFMB and my writing career.  Sign up today!)

Please take a moment to visit, check out all the sights, and the new blog (I already have some posts going).  If you see something that clicks, or you know of someone looking for a person with my particular skill set, I would appreciate a referral.  I’d also appreciate you sharing the site with your own friends and sphere of influence.

Thanks so much,


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  • Clifton Hill Posted July 18, 2012 8:29 pm

    Best of luck, Patrick! The new site looks like it should work, I don’t envy you keeping up with an additional site, but if anyone can, it would be you.

    I’m surprised you’re still looking for work, but I know the economy is tough. I’m doing a lot better out here in Texas, got some good work, and we are turning the financial situation around. Hope all is well.

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