I was listening to the extraordinary, Campbell Award Nominated Mighty Mur Lafferty on I Should Be Writing (yes, I listen, even after I’ve produced an episode for her), and she was talking about the Hugo Awards.

As you may (or may not) know, I’m Nominated for a 2012 Hugo for the SFSignal.com podcast, along with a bunch of other wonderful podcasts.

In her comments, Mur mentioned something that made me pause.  You don’t have to go to WorldCon to vote for the Hugo Awards.  Which is great, because not everyone can afford such a trip.  I was thinking about one of my friends here in the Denver-area.  He and his wife have two young kids, which makes traveling both fun and expensive.  There’s probably lots of other folks who are in similar situations and simply can’t afford the money a WorldCon trip costs.  And that’s not even taking into consideration the folks in other countries and what those trips cost.

Anyway, back to the voting thing.  There’s a $50 supporting membership.

A Supporting Membership includes all of the rights and privileges of an attending membership except the right to attend Chicon 7. You can always upgrade your membership from Supporting to Attending by paying the difference between the “New Supporting” and “New Attending” membership rates in force at the time of conversion. If you voted in the 2012 Worldcon Site Selection election at AussieCon 4, you are automatically a Supporting member of Chicon 7 as a result of paying your voting fee.

So, that’s cool, right?  Well, it gets even better.

For $50, you receive a supporting membership, you can vote for the Hugo’s AND, you receive the 2012 Hugo Packet.

Wait, what now?

That’s right – the 2012 Hugo Nominee Packet.  What’s that, you ask?  Well, all the nominees, including SFSignal.com, were contacted and asked to provide, if they could, a digital copy of their nominated work.  In the case of SFSignal.com, John DeNardo and I put together an eBook with two weeks worth of posts from the nominated timeframe.  We also provided links to the podcast itself.

So for your $50 Supporting Membership, Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, will present you with the 2012 Hugo Nominee Packet, an electronic package of nominated works graciously made available to voters by nominees and their publishers.  That means nominated novels, short stories, magazines, fanzines, etc. and so on.

How freaking cool is that?

This year’s packet will be launched on Wednesday May 16, 2012 (HINT-HINT), and will remain available until the close of the Final Ballot on July 31, 2012, over on the Chicon7 website.

SO!  If you can’t go, you can still vote AND get tons of nominated content.

Why are you still here?  Go get your Supporting Membership.  Sheesh.



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