(I’m using the Mac version of Scrivener, v 2.2)

I’ve talked about Project Targets before, and Outlines & Synopses and the different View Modes.  One thing about the Outline Mode has bugged me.  A lot.

Here’s my Sample Project we’ve seen before.  Note that I’m in Outline Mode:

Because I have Chapter 1 selected in the Binder, I’m looking at the Outline for the Scenes/Scrivenings inside that Chapter in an Outline.  Each Scene has its own Synopsis/Title, Label, Status, Word Target and Progress Bar.  BUT WHAT THE HELL FEEDS THE WORD TARGET AND PROGRESS BAR?!

I have torn Scrivener apart trying to figure this out.  When you set your Project Targets, even if you tell it to calculate word counts based on a deadline, it doesn’t feed this spot.  And when you’re in Outline Mode, these areas aren’t editable. And I couldn’t find how to set these when looking through the Scrivener Manual!

I had about given up when I noticed something while doing last week’s Bottom Toolbar post.  When I had an individual Scene selected in the Binder, the Bottom Toolbar changed, displaying this icon in the right corner (before the Inspector):

When I clicked it, I got this:

Sure enough, this sets the Target for the individual Scenes and displays them in the Outline Mode:

Whew!  That was really bugging me.

Oh, and these Word Count Target’s don’t seem to feed the Project Targets.  It’s just for you, as the writer, to have as a sort of ‘at a glance’ thing.  Once you set a target, your Bottom Bar changes to give you a Goal Bar:

Cool, huh?

More Scrivener Quick Tips are coming – watch for them!

Don’t have Scrivener?  You can try it free here (no, I don’t get paid for pointing you at them!).


  • Paul (@princejvstin) Posted May 7, 2012 3:12 pm

    Thanks, Patrick.

    So do you think the word count targets *should* feed into the Project targets?

    • Patrick Hester Posted May 7, 2012 9:18 pm

      I’m torn, Paul. I kinda think it would be cool, but it would also be a pain in the ass to adjust if it did.

      Right now, you want to set a project target, you can. Want to edit/change it, you can do that too – in a single spot. If the individual Scenes fed Project Target, you would have to adjust them individually to change the overall Target?

      Maybe if there were a check box – ‘Add Document Wordcount Targets’ or something…


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