When you get up into the mountains, eventually, you’ll have to go.  If you’re in the park system, they provide toilets here and there for you.  Usually, they are a toilet above a hole in the ground, but they have 3 walls and a door similar to a porta-potty.  Then there’s this one:

Worst toilet ever?

This was actually at a campground / picnic area.  You approach it from the opposite side, so you don’t see the, uh, door, until you come around to find…a garbage bag.  Attached to a rod at the top, and tied to a stick at the bottom.

Another angle:

Now, I don’t think there’s a guy in the world who would think twice about using this toilet.  Could be wrong, but I doubt it.  Women, on the other hand…

I actually had mom with me, which is why I was looking for a toilet in the first place (guys will also just pull over and find a bush – some women will, too).  When she saw this, though, she was not thrilled and I couldn’t blame her.

…so I had to stand guard. >_>