One of my favorite features of Scrivener is the Project Targets piece.

Project Targets

(I’m using the Mac version of Scrivener, v 2.2)

I have always used the Project Targets window for word counts and session counts, but really, there is a lot more to this window than you see at first glance.

With your project open, click on Project, then Show Project Targets.

Your basic options allow you to set a target word count for your manuscript and for your writing session.

You can enter in your manuscript target in the top section, and you can choose between a wordcount, a character count and a page count.  I tend to enter in a wordcount.  If I’m working on a novel, that can be anything between 90,000 and 120,000 words.  Anyway, for the session target, you can enter in either a word count or a character count.  I always shoot for 2,000 a day.  I don’t always hit that.  Occasionally, I’ll go over.  Either way, I manually reset it the next time I sit down to write.  I have also been known to set this as a weekly Session Target.

What’s hidden behind the Options button, though, expands what Project Targets can do for you.

Opening up the Options menu gives you access to some pretty cool stuff.  For example, you can set a deadline and, like you might do in any project management software, you can then check a box to automatically calculate your Session Target based on that deadline and your Manuscript Target.

This is so cool!

You can also click on the days of the week when you plan to write.

Once you get all the settings the way you want them, click Ok and suddenly your Session Targets are all set!

Dang! Time to get writing…

More Scrivener Tips coming (every Monday?)!

Don’t have Scrivener?  You can try it free here (no, I don’t get paid for pointing you at them!).


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