When last we talked about my writing, I’d finished the draft of Book 2 and was trying not to obsess about it.  I wanted to take a little break from Sam Kane and write something else before diving into the editing / revision process.  Then some shit happened.  Kinda derailed my writing plans.  I decided to take a week and not think about stuff.

That worked a little.  Within a day, I was going a little crazy.  I can’t not write.  Can’t not work.  So I went through some projects and looked for something to work on.  Landed on a piece I’m calling ‘The Demon Within’ but stalled on a scene that proved more difficult to write than I expected.  Need to do some research before I can finish.  Wrote another piece called ‘Sleep Walking’ but it needs a better ending.  Then I spoke to my agent and he gave me some positive feedback and notes on Book 2 of Sam Kane, which instantly stoked the fires and made me want to start editing.

Editing is a different kind of fun.  All the second guessing you do when writing comes back but now you can fix it. Also (hopefully) you see the mistakes you made.  A common one for me is apostrophes.  I think I go a little crazy with them.  Other people think that too.

About a third of the way through, I have actually ended up rewriting a chapter and most of another.

Scrivener's Word Frequency Tool

The chapter that got completely rewritten is stronger now.  I have also been changing words here and there, moving some stuff around, restructuring some sentences.  Sometimes this goes quickly, sometimes it doesn’t.  I can obsess over stuff.

Word territory is a thing.  That’s where you use certain words so much that they draw the reader’s eye.  The author may not even realize they’re doing it.

Scrivener has a word frequency tool (Project: Text Statistics) that tells you how often words appear in your project.  I’m sure Word has a similar tool.  Also like Word, you can search the project for problem words and see where they appear in the text.

The fact that the word ‘the’ appears 5000 times in a 100,000 word manuscript amuses me.  Frightens me too.

I have given myself a couple weeks to make a pass through the manuscript.  I’ll also be getting some feedback from the writer’s group next Saturday, and @TyBarBary plans to send some feedback as well.  All of that will end up being another pass after this one, or maybe during – depends on what they come back with.



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