If you’re a writer who likes to outline, Scrivener has a cool feature you might be interested in.

Here’s a simple Scrivener Project that I’ve created:

Click for a full view

Notice I’m in Corkboard View/Mode with a Chapter Folder selected.  This means that the SubDocuments, called Scrivenings, are each represented by Index Cards.  On those cards, I’ve written a quick synopsis for each Scene.

When I select the first Scene in my Binder, I can start writing – but note that the Synopsis is still visible now in the right sidebar – also called the Inspector:

Click for a full view

I can also add to the synopsis right there in the Inspector:

Click for a full view

And if I select the Chapter Folder and the Corkboard View again, those changes are now on the Index Card:

Click for a full view

More Scrivener Tips coming!

Don’t have Scrivener?  You can try it free here (no, I don’t get paid for pointing you at them!).


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