Random Thoughts for Thursday, January 26th, 2012

/begin random thoughts

I went and got a haircut this week. I was overdue.  The lady said, “I see in your notes that you like a scissor clip.” (wait – they have notes on me?  So, the friggin hair cut place HAS NOTES ON ME?  DOES EVERYONE HAVE NOTES NOW?)

“Welcome to Olive Garden! Oh, I see you’re a shitty tipper.  We’ll be seating you by the kitchen door tonight.” “Wait, what?  I TIP 18%!  SOMETIMES 20!  I SWEAR!”

* * *

Tips are earned.  People in food service work their butts off – I was one of them.  So I reward good service.  I also can be a bastard when I don’t get it…

* * *

*Fresno, CA. The 90’s.  DiCiccio’s Italian Restaurant*

Me: I can’t believe we’ve been sitting here with empty glasses for so long.

Friend: Oh, no!  You’re not going to say somethig, are you?  DO NOT SAY ANYTHING! I DON’T WANT THESE FRIGGIN PEOPLE SPITTING IN MY FOOD!

Me: >_>

* * *

Because I’ve been working on the book exclusively, and it’s a 1st draft, I have nothing to take to writers group this week.  This makes me sad.

* * *

“…and Tebow has the ball, he’s scrambling in the pocket, he’s throwing, OH! Interception!  Wait… wait… there’s a bright white light shining down from the sky, it’s enveloping Tebow!  Yes, the light has completely surrounded him!  He’s rising up off the ground!  Now he is shooting up into the heavens!  Proof that God exists!  Proof that God exists!”

*onboard the alien spacecraft*

“…probe the hell out of this guy.  I lost $50 cuz he can’t throw worth a damn.”

* * *

I often wonder if a barrier to my working out at a gym might be some repressed high school trauma.

* * *

“…and this is the weight room.”

“Wow!  Pretty cool!  What’s that?”

“Dead rat.”


“…did you just scream like a little girl?”


* * *

(there wasn’t really a dead rat)

* * *

2 years of pulling Coach Herzog, the CROSS COUNTRY COACH, for P.E. might have something to do with it.

* * *

“Okay, boys, today we are going to run.”

*loud groans*

“The more you groan, the more you run.  Once around the school, please.”

* * *

In HS, I took a computer programming class.  We were working on TRS-80’s (TRASH EIGHTIES!) and had to create a custom animation (monochrome, low resolution by today’s standards).  People did things like a football going through the goal posts, cars racing down a road.

I had a dog walk up and take a piss on a fire hydrant.



/end random thoughts


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  • Paul (@princejvstin) Posted January 26, 2012 9:45 am

    (wait – they have notes on me? So, the friggin hair cut place HAS NOTES ON ME? DOES EVERYONE HAVE NOTES NOW?)

    Yeah, the places around here do the same thing.

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