Random thoughts for Thursday, January 12th, 2012

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It’s depressing to ask the question, “Whatever happened to…” that actor/actress/kid who starred in that movie/tv show you used to love only to find out the answer is: Drugs, alcohol and porn.

* * *

Can you imagine being a ‘Picaso’ and not having any artistic talent whatsoever?  I mean, say you’re name is Jim or Julie Picaso and you’re a jackhammer operator.  All your coworkers are all, “Yo – Picaso!  That hole ain’t no work of art!”

That would suck.

* * * subliminal hugo fancast nomination hint* * *

“Geoffrey Hawking!  Those burgers aren’t going to flip themselves!  Quit thinking about the fundamental building blocks of the universe and slap on that cheese!”

* * *

“You do a podcast?”

“A couple, actually.”

“Would I like them?”

“Do you like science fiction and fantasy books, video games, television or movies?”


“I hate you.”

“Go Tebow?”

* * *

“Did you know that Dakota the cat is a Himalayan?”

“No.  Does that mean we have to get him a green card?”

* * * subliminal hugo fancast nomination hint* * *

I am now a fan of the shows Whitney and Raising Hope.

* * *

See, now I want to say, “Whatever happened to…?” but I’m afraid to learn the answers.

* * *

“People in glass houses should not throw stones…or sleep naked.” #RaisingHope

/end random thoughts


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