I think the realization or epiphany I had regarding humor in fiction has changed everything.  Specifically, I’m talking about humor in my own writing.

I used to try very hard to write straight, no humor, very serious (WHY SO SERIOUS?!) all the time.  When you do that, it comes off as stiff.  At least for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there are writers out there who do that well.  For me, there has to be some humor involved.

That’s because I like to make people laugh.  I crack jokes and use one liners all the time.  Why wouldn’t that come through in my writing?

“It’s the God damned apocalypse and I can’t find my pants.”

That line is from my novel, Sam Kane: Into the Fire.  At this month’s writers group, someone told me that reading this line (in the context of the story) made them snort coffee out of their nose.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard something like that.

My reaction is to smile.  I wanted him to laugh, I wanted all of them to laugh.  This line stuck out with the entire group, many of them pointed it out, circled it in the manuscript or mentioned it during their critique.

I love when that happens.


In a previous Journal post, I talked about all the different projects I’ve started and how I needed to focus and prioritize and stick to a project until it’s done.

With that in mind, my writers group, now with a fresh 501(c)3 status under its belt, plans to publish a shared world anthology next year.  Originally, I wasn’t going to write a story for them, then I did write a story and they critiqued it/gave me loads of feedback.  So my first project on the new priorities list was to polish that story up.  Which I did.

‘Charisma’ now sits at 4400 words and has been submitted to the editors for review/consideration.

My other short story, ‘Witchcraft & Satyrs’, should have been next on the priority list, but my brain wouldn’t go there.  I have the Untitled Novel / Super Sekret Project which just needs to get out of my head.  So I have been working on that consistently since finishing up the edits on ‘Charisma’.  I have also kept my new rule of only having a single Scrivener project open at any one time.

Anyway, the Untitled Novel is now up to 42,379 and climbs by at least 1500 words each day thanks to Scrivener’s Project Target / deadline feature.  If I can stay on track, the plan is to have the draft of this book done by December 31st.


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  • Paul (@princejvstin) Posted November 29, 2011 4:44 am

    If I can stay on track, the plan is to have the draft of this book done by December 31st.

    And that’s a good goal. May you make it!

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