A couple Friday’s ago, I took you to Juniper Pass.  While there, I did a lot of walking around and wandering.  That’s where something caught my eye and, me being me, made me laugh.  An ‘L’ cut through a rock in such a way, I immediately found myself wondering if maybe, just maybe, Lex Luthor’s fictional corporation, Luthorcorp (or Lexcorp depending on the continuity), actually existed and had purchased the land I was standing on.

Luthorcorp Rock?

When first saw it, I just paused and stared.  Took me a couple of seconds to bring the camera up and start taking some pics.  Eventually, I moved in to see what you could see looking through the L up close and personal.

Looking Through Luthorcorp Rock

As always, you can click the pics for larger versions.  🙂

And I’m sure, were Luthorcorp real, posting these pics would somehow put my life in danger…



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  • Paul (@princejvstin) Posted November 25, 2011 8:56 am


    You are getting some photographic chops, Patrick, with your eye picking out that unusual slot and going for the slot.

    I particularly like the bottom picture, since you can see, blurred by bokeh, the landscape available “through the slot”.

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