In the past, I have done different things here on the blog to celebrate my birthday.  Everything from telling stories and reminiscing to showing off some photos.

Today, I just don’t know what to write.

I’m a year away from one of those milestone Bdays – the ones with an ‘0’ attached.  That’s always fun.  Maybe I’ll do something big for that.

Honestly, I’m more focused on my mom’s Bday, coming up in December, when she will turn 70 years old.  Huge milestone, that one.

I suppose I could do a general life update.

Things go well enough in Casa De ATFMB.  For the most part, the cats are happy.  They sleep, eat and shit regularly.  So does everyone else – TMI?

I am still waiting to hear from an agent on whether or not he’s interested in repping me/the novel.  That whole process is a trip.  A long, strange trip.

I continue to write every day – well, most every day – well, almost every day.  Lunches are especially productive for me, home time – not so much.  Too many distractions and tasks pulling at me these days.  I keep saying that these things go in cycles – hopefully I’m just on the tail-end of a distraction cycle and things will settle down quickly.

I continue to enjoy being a part of a writers group.  If you are a writer and you’ve never been to one, I encourage you to go.  If nothing else, it’s one more thing to help focus you on the writing.  Additionally, you make new friends and connections with people who are like you and interested in the things you are interested in – most notably, writing.

Um – need a new car, need a new mattress for my bed (California King), need to clean & stain the deck, need to get the chimney cleaned – these are all things that are putting demands on my meager earnings.   They also lend themselves to adding stress, which is never fun.

My plans for the 18th – well, I’m working.  I am taking the following day, the 19th, off and doing something fun with the family.  Will have dinner tonight, though, and some sort of pie.  I like pie.  I want pie.  Not a cake this year.  Definitely pie.  Coconut or banana, me thinks.  I could get apple, but people look at me funny when I ask for cheese on top (thank you for teaching me about that, Grams).  You’re looking at me funny now.  Well, not me – this blog post.  You’re thinking, “WTF? Cheese on pie?”

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.  Only works on apple, btw.  Don’t go putting cheese on cherry pie, or chocolate cream.

Also has to be American cheese, not feta, blue or some other concoction – just good old American cheese on apple pie, slightly melted.  Mmmm.

I am grateful for the successes that I have, for the podcasts people seem to enjoy and the way you check out this blog, the Functional Nerds site and the stuff I post over on  Thanks for that.

Anyway, I think that’s it for me.  Need to go find some pie.  Cuz it’s my birthday.


P.S.  -yes, that’s me in the picture.  Just in case you were wondering.

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  • FARfetched Posted October 18, 2011 1:32 pm

    Happy birthday (again)!

    Cheese on apple pie, yes, but it has to be cheddar. Not the fake stuff or the frou-frou stuff, but good mild (or medium) cheddar.

    Good luck with the agency, hope it hasn’t just blown you off and “forgot” to respond.

    I think I’ll need to start a writer’s group locally. I know one person who would jump right in, just need a few more.

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