I’ve been invited to co-host The Geeky Pleasures Radio Show tonight at 8 PM Mountain / 10 PM Eastern.

About the show:  Julia “Jules” Sherred is a mother, writer, author, radio personality, blogger, gamer, tech enthusiast, science nerd, sci-fi and fantasy freak, hard core Trekker, has an unnatural obsession with Optimus Prime and so much more. She emerged from the womb fully embracing her geeky tendencies, with a book on Astrophysics in one hand and a deck of cards in the other. Growing up, games were always an important part of her family, including family board game nights, Christmas family poker games and trying to pry the ColecoVision® and later NES controllers from her mother’s hands. She has now passed on this tradition to her own children and is raising the next generation of geeks and gamers.

The Geeky Pleasures Radio Show took to the airwaves in September 2008 and is now part of The Look 24/7 network.

I’m looking forward to geeking out with Jules and invite you to tune-in and join us in chat so that you can participate in the conversation.