The past two weeks have been about editing.  Following the massive amount of words I put out over the Memorial Day weekend, I had to go back through and edit.

A lot of what I wrote was just dialogue, no exposition, no internal narratives – just dialogue.  That’s all fine and good, but, honestly, we need a little more substance.  So, I have been editing.

This entails taking the bits I’ve written, rereading em, cutting some stuff, adding some new stuff, and working my way slowly through the 20k words I put down on digital paper.

As a result, I’m at 300 words for the week.  I probably am at way more simply because I am cutting out huge bits of text, again, and Scrivener doesn’t take me into the negative on word count.  Total word count on the book is now a respectable 72,284.

I’m on the back nine, the downhill run.  The end is very much in sight.  The pace is quickening, as event after event, smacks my heroine around.  She’s run down, energy waning, struggling to see it through to the end.  Everything is flowing quickly now, but having said that, this is also the most difficult part of the novel to write.  So much emotional turmoil hitting her and me.

What I really hope for, is that the reader feels that same impact.

The editing is nearly done (for now), which means it’s time to continue forward with new words, words that have been battling around in my head for two weeks, dying to come out on the page.  This is a good feeling.

No other projects have seen any love recently, testimony to my focus on getting this draft completed.

(FYI – the cats are displeased. Playtime has been considerably abridged of late. I’m surprised they’re letting me get any sleep…)