I’ve been pretty focused this week.  Honestly, I have been pretty focused for a while, just in pieces.

Let me esplain.

I’ve been focused on the novel re-write, but I always have gaps where I find myself realizing I haven’t touched it all day and now it’s time to go to bed, which sucks.  This last week, though – ever since last week’s writers group, I have been very motivated and enthusiastic.  I’m having trouble describing the jolt that group gave me.  I’ve been on a buzz ever since.  It was a validation of everything I’ve been doing for the past (god is it really?) 10-ish years in trying to hone my skills and become a better writer.  It really re-energized me and I’ve been using every free minute since to write.

With the economy in the toilet, I am also trying to be better about money.  I’ve never been terrible about money, but in the last 10 years (coincidence?) I have had a lot of jobs that paid me just enough to get by.  Living paycheck to paycheck is fun and stressful and makes it difficult to plan ahead.  Spending money on stupid shit at BestBuy doesn’t help.  I have some purchases in mind that I have been putting off for a long time, most notably a new (used) car.  I need something with 4-wheel drive for the Colorado winters.  My car has been a great, great car but not so much in the winters.

Add to that the repairs I need on the iMac and I have to cut out any stupid spending.  it’d also be nice to have a cushion for a change.  A few years ago, the company I was working for ran out of money and I burned through all of my savings while we tried to keep that business going.  After buying the house, I haven’t really had much opportunity to save, so – yeah.

The other area currently on my mind is freelance work.  I’ve been building a website dedicated to freelance stuff that I do in the hopes I can build up a little extra business.  It’s not ready for prime-time yet, but I hope it will be very soon.

So, focus.  It’s a good thing.