This was done using Photoshop CS3 and a couple images from the internet.

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Cool, right?

Not perfect but then I wasn’t going for perfect – I was going for fun!

This is two pictures on layers with a little gradient between them.

I started with a shot of Mount Everest found on the Internet.

In Photoshop, I double clicked the background layer making it a regular layer, then I duplicated it and hid the original.  This is so I always have something to go back to if I screw something up.

Next, I used the wand tool to select and then remove the sky.

Next, I changed the canvas size, making it much taller so I had some room to play with, then inserted a new layer behind the mountains and filled that layer with black.  Then, I inserted another empty layer between the mountains and the black canvas and chose the Gradient tool to play with.

I chose to work with a ‘Foreground to transparent’ preset gradient pattern, then sampled some blue from the sky on the original mountain image to get that fading from light to dark blue effect and dragged it across my blank layer, which gave me this:

Now that I had the sky going a bit the way I wanted it, I opened up a massive shot of the earth from orbit that I found online, and dragged it onto my mountains.  This becomes a new layer, which I then clicked and dragged between the gradient sky and the black canvas.  Hitting CTRL T, I am able to ‘free transform’ the earth layer, so I rotated it 180 degrees so it looked like it was above our mountains, which results in the final image you saw above but I’ll link here again:

Click for a larger image

So, not bad for just playing around, right?





  • Paul Posted April 29, 2011 10:41 am

    Not bad.

    I’m an amateur photographer, but Photoshop is not something I have a lot of skill in, and I no longer have a copy.

    I do admire those who DO use it…

    • Patrick Hester Posted April 29, 2011 3:12 pm

      I actually started years ago with a very basic photo editor, then moved to Illustrator for a few years, then to Corel, then eventually to Photoshop. The tools are very similar from program to program but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier.

      Check out the ‘Hire Me Freelance’ page for some more examples of the kind of stuff I can do 🙂


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