Random Thoughts for Friday, March 25th, 2011

/begin random thoughts

I hate it when you go to click a window that’s on top of another window but your mouse pointer is just shy of where it needs to be when your finger comes down to make that click happen and you find yourself staring at the window below which is now really the window on top…


Hate that…

* * *

You know that person in your life, the one who you think watches way too much television?

I watch way more than they do…

* * *

I put this on twitter – wanted to put it here for posterity:

If you have 10,000 tweets & average 25 words per tweet, you’ve written 250,000 words. That’s 2 1/2 novels, 12 novellas, 50 short stories…

(math: novel = 100k words, novella = 20k, short story = 5k. )

Now, using those criteria, let’s look at my twitter account.

I have 24,550 tweets as of this writing.  At an average of 25 words per tweet that comes to 638,750 words. Divide that by 100k and we have 6.4 novels.  32 (rounding up) novellas and 128 short stories…

* * *

You know you’re getting old when you walk into a public restroom, see that it’s a mess and think, “Do you people treat your bathroom at HOME like this?!”

* * *

“Only you can prevent forest fires. So don’t be a dick. Dick.” #slogansIwishtheydrunsometimes

* * *

I find it amusing (and disturbing) that chatcode from the World of Warcraft has just become part of my vocabulary. /em nods his head in agreement.

* * *

When I am in a really good mood, I find that my brain goes a mile a minute – sometimes I can’t even keep up with me.

* * *

The song ‘I’m yours’ by Jason Mraz has been going around in my head, which is odd because I refuse to listen to it anymore since IT’S THE MUSIC ON EVERY FREAKING COMMERCIAL ON TELEVISION!

* * *

How do you pronounce that? Mraz.  MRRRaz.  MrrrrAZZZ.  MRRRRASSSSS.  Myradze?

* * *

Quick guide to Fantasy weaponry: fist beats hand, stick beats fist, sword beats stick, polearm beats sword, bow & arrow beats polearm, beastie beats bow & arrow, oliphaunt beats beastie (the animal, not the actor), dragon beats oliphaunt and wicked cool magic system trumps all else.

* * *

When I was young and stupid (not that long ago, of course), I moved to Knoxville Tennessee.  I had a new town, a new car, a new job and a new outlook on life.  When it got cold, I even went and bought myself a very nice new jacket.  And the first time I wore it, I pulled into a drive-thru in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina, rolled down my window, put my elbow on the edge and bird shit dropped down on it.


/end random thoughts


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  • Paul Posted March 25, 2011 7:12 am

    /me nods

    Some of that WOW chat code, I think, derives from old IRC codes.

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