So, work progresses.

The sidebar meter for ‘Into the Fire’, the rewrite of the novel, jumped forward from 26k to 29k, which is good.  Unfortunately, I forgot to reset my weekly session target widget in Scrivener on Monday, so my weekly word count is kludged.  Having reset it just last night, it now sits at 344 words, which is depressing and shouldn’t be.

I have actually written a little over 2100 words this week on the novel (I can see word totals at the bottom of each Scrivening).  But still, there’s some sort of mental thing that happens with the session target that I guess I wasn’t really aware of.  When I clicked reset and it went to zero, then I started working again and put down 344 words – it was deflating.

Weird, I know.

My actual word count for the week is something different.  I have once again found myself playing around with various short stories.  I have come to the conclusion that this is just an extension of my brain jumping from topic to topic and I need to just harness it and force it to do my bidding.

Anyway, I wrote a sword & sorcery short story, which I shared on the blog for all to see – then I started another story with those same characters to see where they take me.  That piece has a lot of random, back-character stuff in it so far and is clocking in at 2,424 words.  I know how I want it to end, which is a good thing, and very close in the story.  If I cut the back-story stuff it could end up a very tight piece.  We’ll have to wait and see.

I also wrote down an idea I had, which doesn’t necessarily count but is always worth mentioning.

Critique Group

I have a lot of reading to do for the critique group on Saturday.  I put it off because I like to have everything fresh in my mind when I sit down to talk with the group.  Sadly this also means I have to motor through it.  I have ready everything the morning of but I don’t want to do that again so I’ll start tonight and push through Friday and Saturday.

This will also be my third visit, and you know what happens on the third date, right?  You got it – I am officially a member.  What?  You thought.. oh! Sheesh. Get your minds out of the gutter people…

Anywhoo, as a member I can submit so I already have the 1st chunk of Into The Fire all prepped and ready to go.  This will be the 1st time this piece has seen any sort of mass exposure and I’m really nervous about the reception.  I think it’s good, TyBarBary (beta reader) thinks it’s good – but what about the rest of the world?


Everyone talks about setting goals and I don’t think they’re wrong.  I’ve been doing that with my 5K a week goal on the novel, but also with just making a point to write something before I go to bed.  Lately, I’ve been really tired – physically and emotionally exhausted – when I get home from work.  There’s a lot of stress.  It makes it harder and harder to drag my ass to the desk and do any sort of writing.

But I keep reminding myself that I need to devote the time to it – that the writing is really important and I can’t just skip out on it if I ever want to be successful at this.  So a lot of times I’ll say I’m going to bed (on twitter, for example), and then turn everything but the light & the laptop off and just write.  Ten minutes or an hour – it’s still writing, still pushing me forward towards my goal.

That’s important.



  • Paul Posted March 24, 2011 1:02 pm

    I still need to read your S&S story and let you know what I thought…

    • Patrick Hester Posted March 24, 2011 1:44 pm

      Please do! I’d love to know what you think – don’t worry about hurting my feelings either – I can take it 😉

      (I can also take gushing approval…)


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