Well, after sending the first 50 pages of my novel off to @TyBarbary for beta reading, my word count dropped by about a hundred words.  Ah well, that’s okay – plenty more where those came from.

I did that to prep for critique group at the end of this month – I finally get to submit something!  As nervous as that makes me, it’s why I joined.  I mean, I want to get better at reading other people’s stuff (just ask @TarBarbary – I’m terrible at that) and offering critiques, and I want to get a better feel for where my own writing stands.

Many of you have commented on my stuff before and I appreciate that, but critique group is just plain different.  I am really looking forward to what those folks have to say.

And since I submit at the end of the month, April will be fun – I won’t get any of the critiques until the end of April.  I may need a new patience circuit…

Short Stories

Boy – I just bounce back and forth on these, don’t I?  I already posted about the Sword & Sorcery short story I bled one Saturday (I should post that for you…).  Well, I started two more in the days since.  WTF, brain?

Maybe it came about because I started editing the 1st 50 pages of the novel for critique group, I don’t know.  But these ideas just keep popping into my head and I have to do something with them or risk losing em all together, which would suck.

Sunday morning I woke up with these words tumbling about in the attic:

Mycroft wanted to visit London to see the book they had on display in the museum.  An honest to goodness book, printed on paper, and kept behind glass where a machine turned the pages for you.  Loocy wanted no part of the trip, leading him to believe that all girls were just plain dumb.

1200 words later…