Well, what a crappy week for me blog-wise.  Haven’t done squat around here.

At work I am prepping for a tradeshow / convention on Tuesday.  Those always soak up all my energy and distract me from other pursuits.  I have felt pretty burned out and tired each night when I get home, so I do apologize for the lack of posts this week.

So, I offer you these tantalizing little bits instead of a normal atfmb post:

Say what you will about Apple, they know how to cut your legs out from under you.

Apple announced the iPad 2 this week, effectively undermining whatever momentum the competition has been building lately.  At least, that’s what Jim Dalrymple says about it on TechCrunch.

Did you know there’s a super-secret robot piloted space plane built by the Air Force launching into orbit tomorrow?

Sounds like a cool SF story, right?  Well, it’s not.  That’s not true, I mean – it could be a SF story that someone has written that I just don’t know about.  But the story I’m talking about is not science fiction and is, in fact, happening on Friday as the Air Force launches their super-secret-yet-everybody-knows-about-it X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle.  The actual secret everyone is so curious about is what is the long term plan for the ship and what’s it got onboard?

Look, we all hate spiders – am I right?

I mean, they are so quiet and when you least expect for one to be around – BAM! They build a spider’s nest inside the hoses of your car’s fuel intake system and cause all sorts of mischief.  Ha ha ha… I hate it when that shit happens to me…  O_o

Blade Runner sequels are being planned by Hollywood.

Why? Because we need a new generation of people split right down the middle between ‘that movie sucked ass’ and ‘that was the best frakking movie ever made! I will totally shell out $20 more bucks to see 7 and 1/2 seconds restored!’.


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  • FARfetched Posted March 3, 2011 8:06 pm

    Better to have spiders in the fuel intake, than to have them running guy lines across walkways at forehead level!

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