Well, the word count widget in the sidebar finally advanced.  Took a leap forward is more accurate.  From 15k to 21k on Into the Fire.  It hadn’t moved in a while and that’s due to stupidity on my part and a setting in Scrivener.

I apologize in advance for those of you who don’t have Scrivener – the following may not make a lot of sense.

There’s a lot of ways to track progress in Scrivener, including word count for the entire manuscript, just the part you’re working on and even goals that you set for yourself or session targets.

First I set a manuscript target of 120,000 words – not a bad goal, right?  I also set myself a session target of 5,000 words.  The session target goal resets your word count to zero each time you close your manuscript, so I leave it open all week and shoot for a 5k goal.

At one point, I copy/pasted some text into a Scrivening – a scene of my manuscript, that I wanted to use as reference material.  When I decided to export the manuscript one day, called Compiling, I didn’t want the reference stuff to be included.  There’s a couple ways to do THAT, too.

What I SHOULD HAVE DONE is moved that Scrivening outside the manuscript and to the bottom of the Binder.  What I ACTUALLY DID, was deselect everything in the Compile screen.  From that point on, Scrivener wasn’t tracking my word counts correctly anymore.

Let me explain a little more.  As I added new scenes, new Scrivenings, my Session Target would climb, but my Manuscript target stayed the same.  I kept copy/pasting stuff in and out and thinking that somehow, that was what was causing my session target to move but my manuscript target to stay the same.  Add to that my poor memory and you have a recipe for disaster.  Until today.

Today, it dawned on me that I’ve been writing a lot – my progress should reflect that, so I did a little digging and figured out where I’d screwed it all up.

Again, sigh.

On the bright side, Into the Fire is now sitting at 21,886 words!


Ideas come and go, more so when you can’t work on them (or so it seems).  The other day, I was hip-deep in a company function when I thought – wouldn’t it be cool to write a story where not only does love not conquer all, it actually results in a good person turning completely bad?

I couldn’t work on it, of course, so I just kept mulling it over in my head until I got to a point where I could jot it down.  Will it become something?  Who knows.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

My problem is never a lack of ideas, but a seemingly endless stream of them causing no small amount of distraction.  Most of the time, I have to write them down (or type them up) to get them out of my head and out of the way.  Not always easy.  Sometimes the ideas are formed enough that I actually write a chapter or two rather than just some notes.  Other times, it’s something as cryptic as the bit I mention above – love not conquering all.



  • Paul Posted February 21, 2011 10:12 am

    I am waiting patiently for Scrivener to be fully available for Windows…

  • Caroline Posted February 21, 2011 12:37 pm

    That last paragraph has me in stitches, not because you said anything especially hilarious, but because I now have a mental image of you as illustrated in Catbytes, knees and all, chasing after butterflies. Of course, every time you are close to catching one, another flutters past and you run after that one instead.

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