That was my reaction to learning that I had spent enough money at Best Buy to qualify for their Premier Silver status on their Reward Zone program.  Crap.

I have never even been close to hitting the Premier Silver program before.  This made me feel horrible.  I started obsessing over the money I WASTED at Best Buy.  Pulling out my check book, I thought about how the bottom line could be fatter had I not spent enough money at Best Buy to qualify for their stupid, poopy-headed reward zone program!  (yes, the insults became 2nd grade)

Sitting down at my laptop, I… realized I bought this laptop AT Best Buy.  A MacBook Pro purchased in their little Apple Store kiosk.

I didn’t buy a bunch of crap (well, I did) that put me into the Silver tier – I bought this laptop that put me into the Silver tier!

This gave me a whole new perspective!  I didn’t waste a ton of money – I Ninja’d my way into a better deal by purchasing my laptop there!  For the whole rest of the year, I’ll get $10 certificates faster cuz every new crap thing I buy gets me more points!  I also get access to free shit, special offers and support.

I have totally spoofed their system!  I’m on top!  I win!

(I totally didn’t.  I’m really not.  I haven’t, not really, cuz I did still buy a ton of CRAP from them…)

Woo hoo!