First up – be aware that I won’t be doing these journal posts every day, hence the jump in days from 1 to 4.  That’ll keep me on my toes mathwise…

Second, I haven’t written a word of fiction since my 4000 word mega extravaganza.

That isn’t to say I haven’t written – I have.  Blog posts, for example, which is still writing, just not fiction (though I daresay it can still be called ‘creative’…).

As I am exploring my process in these posts, I want to say that this isn’t unusual for me.  I will have massive spurts where the keyboard can’t handle the speed at which I’m typing and then tortuous lulls when my fingers and my brain don’t seem to be connected anymore.

I don’t consider this to be my muse coming and going so much as it’s simply how my brain processes a story.

Let me explain.

I will work out a lot of a story in my head.  Walking around, doing the day job, watching tv, reading a book, playing with the cat – even when I sleep, part of me is thinking about that story.  There have been times when I go to bed at night, dream about a character or a scene or a plot point and wake up the next day itching to get it all down.  At that point, I will write until there’s nothing left.

I think that’s really what happened to me last week.  I’d been thinking about this story on some level for a long time and it all just bubbled to the surface and had to be put down right then and there.

Some times, I have to work out how to get a character from point A to point G and I only really have B, C and D ready to go – leaving E and F for later. Then ‘later’ comes and now what?  Oh, yeah – I haven’t figured that out yet, so I take a pause to figure it out.

The Novel

As for Sam Kane, I’m at a place where I know this story, I know what absolutely has to be in there for this rewrite – but I did realize that I’m not sure yet what doesn’t have to be in there.  I have trimmed down characters and sub plots in various versions of this story and now I am at a point where I am rewriting it but still asking myself – does this little bit really need to be in this story?

I have a vision in my head – five different stories for Sam Kane, five books if you will.  With that in mind, I know where I want things to go.  It’s difficult finding the balance between telling this first story really well and trying to do too much too soon.

That’s the hurdle, that’s the pause right now as I ask myself, “Although this bit is cool to you because you know what’s coming next, does it fit here, now?  Does it move the story along or does it just amuse you to have it there?  Can you rewrite it in such a way that it fits, moves the story along AND still amuses you?”

Cryptic much?  sorry…