I feel like I’m rushing headlong into… something.  What?  I’ve no idea.  But I haven’t really taken a breath in a while, if that makes sense.

This weekend I visited my first ever Writer’s group.  I drove an hour and a half to get there.  I’m not complaining about that in the least – I actually enjoy driving for the most part and an hour and a half is nothing.  Double that for a round trip and I admit, it’s a bit to go through, but for an honest to gosh quality writer’s group, I’m willing.

The group itself was really wonderful.  Everyone was very professional and nothing said seemed to be taken personally, which is just amazing.  The structure was very simple:

  • Everyone read member submissions from the last meeting during the month (they meet the last Saturday of the month) and made notes/comments
  • As the meeting began, every single person went in turn and told the writer what they thought, what they liked and made suggestions
  • At the end of your critique, you handed over your copy with all your notes and comments

Obviously, the group had way more time to read the submissions than I did – I basically did it all the day of.  This was good and bad – good because it was fresh on my mind, bad because it did take up all of my Saturday morning.  But I am serious about this group and didn’t want to be the guy at the table who hadn’t read the assignments.

Oh – my weight thing.  I have not been good recently.  As my stress levels have gone up, my resolve has plummeted.  I find myself not being as strict with myself as I have been in the past month.  I haven’t gained weight – but I haven’t lost any either.

I’m sort of stuck there.  Something has to give.

On writing – the rewrite of my novel, Sam Kane-Into the Fire, is now at 15,700 words.  That is up roughly a thousand words this week and everyone of them was pulled kicking and screaming from my brain.

I also pulled about 400 words out on ‘The Obsidian Cat’, 200 words on some random piece of scifi and 350 words of an idea called ‘The Alien Ambassador’ – that last bit was just to get the idea down on virtual paper and out of my head.  Hopefully I’ll come back to that at some point.

This week is going to be rough.  I have a massive event on Tuesday (400 people have RSVP’d) for work and a deadline for another project Monday for an event on the 17th.  Add to that two tradeshows coming up and I am very swamped.  I also need to meet with my print shop about a new website they are going to provide us and I need to carve out some time to create new email campaigns and at least start playing with a new corporate website.

…yeah, I don’t see my stress level’s dropping.



  • FARfetched Posted January 31, 2011 10:23 am

    Sounds like February for you is like Oct/Nov typically is for me. Everything happening at once, no time to decompress & relax.

    Even w/o the stress, your weight can easily plateau for a while as your metabolism adjusts to the new feeding regime. The last thing (well, two last things) you need to do right now is: 1) add more stress to your situation over the seeming lack of progress; 2) take your eyes off the weightloss ball.

    The writing group sounds great, but a 90-minute drive would take me from FAR Manor through downtown ATL. As I’ve gotten older, I’m getting less willing to drive that far for anything regular. Maybe I didn’t get the gist of it, but it almost sounds like they read you their notes then give you their notes. I find that annoying — engineers do that to me at work, like I don’t know how to read? Um… right. Maybe a few of those folks are still using typewriters, but otherwise why not group-Skype and save lots o’ gas?

    Ah well, time for me to get some lunch and maybe do some writing.

  • Caroline Posted February 1, 2011 6:08 am

    Ditto with the plateau comment. My most frequent experience of that is with a certain friend who then decides that all her effort is for nought and jumps off the wagon, gives up on dieting at all, binges on junk and then a couple of weeks later wails about putting weight back on. It sucks and it’s disheartening, but shit happens and goes away again. Keep on keeping on. Not glamourous or anything, but effective. And we all know you’re effective 😉

  • Caroline Posted February 1, 2011 6:10 am

    The Obsidian Cat is a glassy cat.

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