Less than productive


With the holidays upon us, my productivity has gone through the floor.

We can talk about excuses, about this and that and the other thing – even about the Wii I got for Christmas, but really it just boils down to not concentrating on the tasks at hand.

I have several writing projects in the queue right now – Solar City, Crossroad Blues – my latest, greatest draft of Sam Kane (now with the title: Into the Fire), and a new web comic that I’ve been teasing for some time.  All of these things demand time – time I haven’t been giving them.


Again, I think it comes down to excuses for not sitting my butt down in the chair and just writing (like I’m doing right now).  Lunches last week (a normal writing opportunity) didn’t go well with the exception of one day when I completely scrapped Crossroads Blues and started over from scratch.  Home from work I didn’t focus, ended up farting around, watching tv, trolling websites – that sort of thing.  Thursday night, I spent an hour putting an exercise bike half way together.  Free days were Friday, Saturday (half day) and Sunday.  Friday I finished the exercise bike, then again farted around (I did sit my ass down in the chair, but then I stared blankly at the screen off and on for a bit before falling back into movie trailers, blogs, etc).  Saturday was Christmas, I spent the morning playing Wii, the evening with family.  Sunday (today), I did podcast stuff, ran errands, finished podcast stuff, recorded a promo, then back to Wii.

I can’t explain the lack of focus.

I will do better this week.  I’m already upset with myself for the loss of time and progress and guilt, even internal, can be a powerful motivating factor.



  • BryanThomasS Posted December 27, 2010 9:45 pm

    I have been fighting depression, etc. and I have been totally unfocused for five months. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Life happens. Get back on track as best you can.

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  • FARfetched Posted December 28, 2010 8:22 am

    If I stopped sleeping, I might get half the stuff done that you do before I keeled over from a coronary.

    C’mon, it’s the holidays, we just got off the bottom of the year. Relax. (Yeah, I’m one to talk, if I didn’t have a Kindle the reading pile would be waist high. But I feel like ISBW too much to read.)

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