Photo Tuesday-Pride Rock

Last weekend, I had the chance to hang out with Karen & Curtis, who were in town for Thanksgiving.  Karen is Karen Burnham of SF Signal, Spiral Galaxy & Locus fame.  She’s been coming on the SF Signal podcast since the beginning and I got the chance to meet her and her husband at World Fantasy.

When they called to say they would be in Denver I was thrilled they thought to contact me to hang out.  When I suggested we might do some mountain type stuff, they were thrilled – adventures ensued.  I captured this image on a trail inside Red Rocks park (Which surrounds Red Rocks Amphitheater):

A rock formation at Red Rocks in Colorado that bears a similar profile to Pride Rock from The Lion King

Click for a larger view

The sun was just right, the angle – even the clouds – everything just fell into a really cool photo that I’ve dubbed ‘Pride Rock’ due to its uncanny resemblance to a certain rock featured in a certain Disney movie.

Don’t see it?  Let me refresh your memory:

Pride Rock from the Lion King

Click for a slightly larger view

Right?! RIGHT!?

Nuff said.