*3 am*

Shadow: Hey. Hey, you! Wake up!


Wake up! I have something important to tell you!

..wha? *looks at clock* Oh for Godsake…

Hey, listen – I think you’re in danger…

*looks at the cat*  We are not playing right now. It’s 3 am!

But – you’re in DANGER! Dude!

What sort of danger?

There! *dives at the covers, attacking them, bunching them up, kicking them with his back legs* I THINK I GOT IT ON THE ROPES!

…for this you wake me OWWW!

*attacking feet now* THIS IS A BIG ONE!


Oh, right – sorry. Can’t be too careful with dangerous blanket monsters.  I think I killed it though.  You’re safe to sleep now.

…like I can sleep after this.

Well… We could go get the bird…

*rolls over*

I’ll go get it and then we’ll see how you feel in like a minute…

*pretend snores*

Be right back…


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  • Writepop Posted November 18, 2010 6:39 am

    Cute post! Fortunately, my girlfriend’s cat doesn’t do that. She just wedges herself in between the two of us, so if I get in a cuddly mood, I end up with claws in my belly.

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