The only book I bought at World Fantasy

So.  World Fantasy had this fantastic dealers room.

I didn’t buy anything in there.

The reason I didn’t buy anything is actually logistics, not finances; I brought plenty of money with me so I could buy what I wanted, but the convention gave me a stack of books (see this earlier post for details) that I barely had room for so buying more?  I’d have to ship them home!

SO, the only book I bought was a little something that John DeNardo at couldn’t stop raving about.  We even had lunch with the author.

S. Andrew Swann’s Prophets came out in 2009, it’s sequel, Heretics hit book shelves in 2010 and, over lunch, he explained to us that the third book would be out soonish, a fact that thrilled DeNardo to no end.

DeNardo kept going on about the book.  Everytime we’d see the author, stop, pause, chat with him, he would press me on how I NEEDED to read these books.

So when we came to the mass author signing on Saturday night, I saw S. Andrew Swann sitting at a table with his books arrayed before him and Prophets staring back at me.  I asked DeNardo, jokingly, if that was the book I should read and he emphatically said yes.  I offered, “Should I just buy it from him?”

“I don’t know that you can. Can you?  Are they selling books?”

“Why else have them here?”

So I walked up, reintroduced myself, told him that DeNardo had convinced me I needed to read this book and asked if I could buy it from him.

“Do you want it personalized?” he asked.


I shall start this book this week. 🙂



  • Clifton Hill Posted November 5, 2010 2:31 pm

    Sounds like Denardo could be a good book pimp.

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  • redhead Posted November 7, 2010 3:16 pm

    You’ll have a good time with that one! and you’re gonna want to make sure you have the 2nd book, Heretics on hand pretty soon, and the third one comes out sometime next year. Them’s some killer nutzo fun as bad guys. I’ve got reviews of both Prophets & Heretics on my blog, but don’t read them till AFTER you’ve read Prophets!

    • Patrick Hester Posted November 7, 2010 10:00 pm

      I’m looking forward to it. Of course, the massive Towers of Midnight has swallowed all of my reading time for the next couple days…


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