I have been a busy little bee.

I’ve got the two podcasts each week, plus I’m doing the producer gig for Mur Lafferty – which deserves a paragraph.

I keep telling people, but I don’t remember at this point if I’ve talked about it here yet – I feel like all this podcast stuff is educating me on the publishing industry in a way that I would not otherwise have had.  Doing to Functional Nerds was the start, obviously, which continued on with the podcast.  But producing for Mur – I listened to I Should Be Writing before, but now I am paying more attention to it, if that makes sense.  I have to – it’s my job.  I think it’s sinking in more.  I realize as I’m listening that the things Mur talks about, the thoughts she has – I have them too.

Talking to all these authors as we interview them, I am learning so much – it really is invaluable.  But the one lesson that I take to heart over and over, the one thing that they all say – write.  If you don’t write all the time, every chance you get – then what’s it all for?

I am still doing the lunch time writing thing.  I’m trying to make it habit.  I let my skills get rusty once, I don’t want to do that again.  I want to keep getting better.  I’m averaging around 800 words per lunch which is good.

If I could focus on a single project for more than an hour, that would be better.  Seriously, I’ve got multiple book ideas, short stories – it’s getting a little crazy.

World Fantasy is coming up – one week away.  I’m really looking forward to meeting folks I’ve talked to on Twitter or Facebook and doing a little networking.  Plus, I need to get away.  I don’t do vacations as often as I should.

I think that’s it for now.