When I was 23 years old


When I was 23 years old:

  • DIA opened
  • Christopher Reeves was paralyzed in a freak horse accident
  • Microsoft released Windows 95
  • The DVD format was born
  • …so was eBay
  • NASA loses another spacecraft – Pioneer 11
  • Calvin and Hobbes ends its run
  • Donald Pleasence (Blowfeld!) died
  • …so did Dean Martin
  • Toy Story debuted at the movies
  • …so did Goldeneye
  • Batman Forever proved that Batman could not defeat poor casting, a poor plot and a really bad director
  • The WB was born
  • …so was UPN
  • Star Trek: Voyager debuted on UPN
  • Sliders debuted
  • …so did Drew Carey