There is something about being above the clouds.  Number 1, it’s so quiet.  I mean, you can listen and hear nothing, none of the stuff we become used to, the stuff that we tune out; cars driving by, neighbors mowing their lawns, kids playing, planes flying overhead, birds chirping, dogs barking – the list goes on and on.

Above the clouds, everything is just… still.

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I love the mountains.  I love getting in the car and driving somewhere and exploring.  The photo above was my first trip to Mount Evans Colorado, 14,264 ft.  It was a rainy, cold day devoid of sunlight but full of clouds above us, beneath us and even with us.  I couldn’t stop taking photos.

Many times, I just stopped, started walking and listening to nothing.  It’s eerie and exhilarating all at the same time.  I mean, it’s nothing – no sound, just clouds slowly moving.  In some cases, they weren’t slow at all and they swallowed us whole, which is a whole other post and experience when you’re on a narrow two lane road with no railings and sheer drops.

At the top of Mount Evans is the remnants of an old visitor’s center that exploded years ago, and the Meyer-Womble Observatory (the worlds second or third highest depending on which WikiPedia entry you read), but really it’s the journey up the mountain that is the adventure, not getting to the top.  There’s so much to see, so much to explore.

I will definitely be returning to Mount Evans.