This is something new I’m gonna do for a little while – share some photos with you one at a time.

I recently spent some time hiking and driving around in the mountains near Denver, and as always, I had my camera with me.  I captured some cool things and wanted to share.

Here’s the first photo, taken at the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs:

Click to see a larger image

When you first look at this shot, you probably see a bunch of weeds and you’re not wrong.  But the devil’s in the details so let me zoom in a little bit for you:

Do you see what I see?

That’s the critter that caught my eye.  I had to be very patient to get him and I managed to catch him midflight, which is beyond cool.

This was taken on one of the public trails inside the Garden of the Gods.  In fact, I didn’t even go off the trail, he was buzzing around right there so I zoomed in as best as my camera can and snapped a series of shots.  I knew I’d caught him but this is the clearest of them and I wanted to share.

Hope you like him. 🙂



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