/begin random thoughts

So.  The bag has been tipped over and the cat is loose.  John Anealio and I have been tapped to do a new podcast for  On top of that, I’ll be writing for a couple times a month.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and a really good fit for all of us.

There’s still one more secret project out there.  It’ll for sure be live august 5th, but there should be something announced on twitter before then.

Cryptic much?

* * *

I forgot how gross Subway sandwiches has become.  Eating there today and I am not impressed any more.  They used to be my favorite, now they are easily my least favorite, but Tokyo Joe’s was packed floor to ceiling so…

* * *

The short story is coming along nicely, if I do say so myself.  Been a while since I tried to write one.  Usually, I have so much to say, so much story to tell, that I end up going full blown novel, but this one is very definitely a short story.  It felt that way from the moment it popped into my brain.

It’s a space western.  Cowboys in the stars.  What more could you want from a story?!

* * *

It may be that I need a new mattress.  I am just not sleeping well anymore.  Granted, I’ve had that mattress nearly 10 years now, but it was a higher end mattress at the time, cost me a bit more, so I expected it to last a long time.  Maybe 10 years in the life of a mattress is considered a long time.  I don’t know.

Buying tires for mom’s car today to the tune of about $500 – $600 with labor and balancing and rotating and all sort of other things, I’m sure.  I just hope that whoever is doing the work was at mechanics school for lug nut day.

(That’s funnier than it sounds.  Google ‘lug nut day’ sometime and see what comes up…)

So if I do need a new mattress, it’ll have to wait a bit.

* * *

I have not had tons of guests to my new house.  This is because me being me, I keep trying to get everything ‘perfect’.  I know in my head that it’ll never BE perfect, but still I try.

Anyway, all of that goes out the window Friday when I’ll have most of my local family and some friends over for a BBQ.  My older brother is coming into town Thursday, so the BBQ is in honor of that and a chance for everyone to see or meet him, have a burger and see the house..

Should be fun.

* * *

I think it’s the bread and the cheese.  Subway’s bread is terrible now.  I don’t know if they’ve changed the recipe or what.  And the cheese is gritty – no, chalky – yeah, it’s chalky in your mouth.  Bleh.  No wonder Jared lost weight eating this crap – it’s terrible!

* * *

While the short story gets all the love, the novel languishes where I left it.

I need more time in a day.

/end random thoughts