So.  The channel formerly known as SciFi hit the ground running once again with some summer programming.  First we had Warehouse 13.

…spoilers abound.  You have been warned.

The cliffhanger episode has become a staple of the genre show.  It was once used by soap opera type shows like Dallas to pull viewers in and get them talking throughout the break about the show and keep that buzz going.  Now, it’s a device that merely just pisses us off.

That’s because the wrap up of the cliffhanger more often than not happens as quickly as possible.  If not in the first moments of the show, then in the first act of the show, which was the case with Warehouse 13.  Last thing we saw was Artie get blowed up real good.  He comes back, of course, and they explain it away really quickly and explain away most everything else really quickly too, which I hate.

The cliffhanger wrap up has become a terrible terrible thing.  Almost always, the writers, producers or studio execs – whoever is passing the notes around, want to get on with it already, so I don’t think it has the impact that it used to.

As for Warehouse 13, it’s a fun show that you can turn your brain off for.  In fact, I would recommend you turn your brain off when watching it or else you’ll drive yourself up a wall over some stuff.  The opening episode for this season had the elements I’ve come to expect from the show; Artie running around thinking he knows everything only to learn, at the last possible moment, that it’s all upside down, Mica and Pete going off on one of their usual missions while Claudia gets in trouble.

The only surprising piece of entertainment was the addition of H.G. Wells as the big bad; and that H.G. is actually female.

Haven is based on some Stephen King story – The Colorado Kid.  The pilot was entertaining.  An FBI agent is sent to a small, coastal town in Maine to retrieve a fugitive only she finds that he’s been killed when she arrives.  She gets caught up in the investigation of his death and soon realizes that there’s some weird things going on in Haven.  Weird like fogs rolling in and blanketing the town in a matter of seconds, like tornadoes appearing out of nowhere and freak electrical storms.

All in all, it was pretty entertaining, but I don’t know if it has any lasting power.  There’s some cool elements, like the detective who feels no pain, the picture in the town paper from twenty or thirty years past that seems to show the FBI agents mother (she’s an orphan, never knew her mother), stuff like that.  Plus, there’s the fact that it is a Stephen King story, but they’ve tried to turn his stories into tv before with lackluster success.

Still, it was nice to see Nicole DeBoer (Dax from DS9, love interest from that other King show on USA network whose name escapes me) again.

As for Eureka – it’s still sitting in my TiVo waiting to be watched.  That is one fun, smart show and I want to savor it and this weekend was dedicated to (mostly) writing.  I’ll catch it one night this week before the next one airs.