Once again, my friend John Anealio and I had the privilege of hosting a fantastic guest over on the Functional Nerds podcast. John Picacio is an award winning artist who has put together some of the most memorable cover art I’ve seen in a long time.

His covers grace books from many different publishers, have won or been nominated for some of the industries most prestigious awards and he is in very high demand to produce more – but you know what else?  He is a really nice guy and a great person to chat with.

Before the show even started, we were chatting about the (possible) origins of his surname, Bob Ross on PBS and a slew of other things that prompted John Anealio to comment, “Maybe we should save some of this for the podcast, guys!”

(I’ll clue you in to a secret – John has to say that a lot. I have the gift of gab, people.)

The ‘official’ portion of the conversation included a bit about how he got started creating book covers, his time as an architect, the future of genre covers in general and how he approaches each commission.

What I took away from the whole thing was a very grounded guy, very personable, knows what he’s doing and does it well and is forward thinking enough to be thinking about what comes next.

Overall, an excellent conversation.  Check it out over at the Functional Nerds, episode 15.