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You never really realize how dull, dark and dingy your work area is until someone changes a light bulb. Have you noticed that?

If you work in a typical office building, you probably have fluorescent lighting above you. Those lights dim over time, slowly – so slow that you don’t really notice it. Then, one of them will burn out or start to flicker and facilities maintenance (or whoever takes car of this sort of thing in your neck of the woods) will come by and change out that bulb. Suddenly, you find yourself blinking and squinting to protect your eyes from the intensity and brightness of this newcomer to your little world.

The new, brighter light reveals things you hadn’t noticed before; a condensation ring where you normally set your drink while you work, an odd, discolored patch of fabric on your cube wall, a fine layer of dust accumulated behind your monitor- all hidden thusfar by the poor light you’ve grown accustomed to.

As your eyes adjust, you realize you can read your own sticky notes more clearly than you did before. Amazing!

But before you know it, that bulb falls into step with the rest of them, slowly dimming without you even being aware of it.

Until another one burns out and you find yourself blinking again…


Amidst all the handsfree device / conservation hoopla, like motion sensors that control when your water faucet goes on, and when to dispense paper towels or start the hand dryer, and even when to flush the toilet, I’m glad that no one has (yet or that I am aware of) created a motion sensor toilet paper dispenser. Just thinking about it makes me remember the old arcade version of ‘Track and Field’ that had the rolly ball controller that you spun and spun and spun until you had a rolly ball controller burn on your palm…

In the toilet stall of the future:

*wave* *one square of tp rolls down*

*wave* *one square of tp rolls down*


*wave* *wave* *wave* *wave* *wave* *wave*

“Hey, what happened to you? You’re all sweaty!”

“Took a dump and needed some tp.”

“Ah. Right. Been there. Done that.”


I’m starting to think that 3D is really just the rice & beans used to cover up the crappy enchilada dinner you just ordered.

Ever been to one of those places where you order the Mexican dinner plate and you get this plate (be careful – it’s hot!) covered in rice and beans and pico and you have to dig through all that filler to get to the ‘main dish’ only to find that it really doesn’t taste that good so you leave it alone and fill up on rice and beans?

Kinda starting to think that’s 3D movies. They wrap it up in (supposed) shiny to distract you from the fact that they’re slipping you last week’s chicken that’s been over spiced and reheated.



Could somebody else please become Hollywood’s favorite young female actress to cast in shitty movies? I am so sick of Megan Fox…

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