Last week, John Anealio and I hosted the great Mur Lafferty for the Functional Nerds podcast.

Despite Skype continually failing us (30 second random silences, disconnects, more 30 second random silences, more disconnects), we had a really good conversation.

Mur began podcasting in 04 so she is more than a little acquainted with the whole thing and had some good insights.  She also knows a thing or two about publishing and alternative publishing, so it was a really informative discussion.  I wish that Skype had cooperated and it could’ve been a more cohesive conversation.  I did the best I could with the editing.  Mur was a trooper about the whole thing.

John and I will have her on again.

The podcast itself is doing well.  When John and I first discussed teaming up, I had no idea how well received the whole thing would be.  Thanks for that! 🙂

Episode 13 of the Functional Nerds featuring Mur Lafferty is live over on the Functional Nerds website.  Check it out.



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