You know, since I started this whole blogger/podcaster/twitter/online life sort of thing, I have to say that I have been incredibly lucky in that the people I have met have been fantastic.

The first famous writer I had a chance to confab with, L.E. Modesitt Jr., couldn’t have been a warmer, more personable guy.  I really enjoyed our chat, however brief, at a local B&N.  I don’t know what I expected to find the more I dipped my toes in, but the people have been so kind, so generous in their time that I have simply been blown away.

A couple of great examples of this have been Diane Duane and J.V. Jones, both well established authors with phenomenal writing credits to their name, and both have been very chatty with me on Twitter, which I appreciate.

Recently, John Anealio and I had the opportunity to sit down with Lou Anders, editorial director for Pyr books.  Lou was fantastic to talk to; very warm, funny – down to earth.  Though the show was edited down to an hour, we actually chatted for 20 minutes before and another 10 – 15 after.  It was very much like three guys getting together for beer and hotwings and shooting the shit (though I don’t drink, of course).

You can listen to the episode over on the Functional Nerds website.  I suggest that you do because it was a lot of fun and that always comes through – you can’t fake it. 😉