You know, I got to thinking the other day about blogging and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be neat to write something for somebody else?

See, I have All Things From My Brain here so that, when the urge takes me, I can write about whatever happens to come to mind. Which is convenient. And enough of you come check it out that really, it’s worthwhile.

But this is the house that I built and sometimes, sometimes it’s just fun to go hang out at someone else’s house for a while; eat their snacks, drink their beverages, see what they’ve got on the ol’ tele… You get the drift.

So I propose an exchange – I’ll write something for your blog and you can write something for mine. You can either name the topic or let me find something that flows with your normal everyday stuff – I’m quite good at that. I’ll submit it to you on your deadline and you can post it on your blog. Then, you do the same for me here.

Sound like a plan?

Oh, I see. I’m getting some ‘What’s in it for me?’ looks from some of you. Let me see if I can tackle that.

First up, if there are folks who come here or follow me on Twitter who might not visit your site or follow you on Twitter, my writing a piece for you (and vice versa) might bring them over to your site to check out what I did there or what you do there on a regular basis. Heck, I’ll even do a piece here linking to the piece there to help that traffic spike.

Second, it’ll be fun. Shake off the shackles of what you normally do and try something different. Who knows? You might enjoy it…

If you’re interested – you can leave a comment here or shoot me an email. It’s an easy one to remember but I don’t like robots finding it so I usually break it out when telling people about it like so: my first name is patrick, so that’s a good place to start – type that out – then hold down shift and press the ‘2’ key to get the old at symbol, then finish it off with

Put that together, shoot me an email and let’s do a little exchange.

What’dya say?



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