John Anealio gave me some shit last week on the Functional Nerds podcast because I always say, ‘The channel formerly known as SciFi’ when talking about the former SciFi Channel, now called ‘SyFy’.

I say it because it’s my way of pointing out the absurdity of the whole name change bs.  I would also ridicule the Food Network if they announced they were becoming the Füd Network so they could show music videos featuring Bjorn, ABBA and Ace of Base.

The powers that be justified their stupidity by saying that changing the name would allow them to move beyond science fiction programming and make way for other types of shows and content, broadening their audience.  So, essentially, they didn’t want to be associated with science fiction anymore.  Except when they did, which wouldn’t be a lot.  Just once in a while.  Like, one night a week.  Probably Fridays.

…well, unless something better came along.

Like Wrestling.

I remember when they added wrestling on Tuesdays.  I barfed.  I also died a little bit inside.  Now, they are taking their Friday night lineup and moving it so they can make room for more wrestling.  MORE WRESTLING!

I’m going to be ill.  Again.

Why not just change your name to USA2 and get it over with?  Put us out of our misery?