I never want to get bored.

To that end, I buy a lot of books. I can’t walk into a bookstore and walk out empty handed. I think it’s genetic.

This means that I have a lot of unread books lying around.  This week, I’m going to talk about some of those books and try to justify, if only to myself, why they’re still sitting around unread.

First up: The King’s Peace.

When I read, I like to read things with a twist, things from author’s who have other books on the shelves, and I especially like a strong female lead.

So, when I see a cover like the one to the left here, I get intrigued.

“A story of courage, honor and love of country.”

Hey – nothing wrong with that, right?

And yet, I still haven’t cracked it open.  And it’s been a while, several months – maybe half a year.

Sad, I know.

The book itself, reminds me a bit of Red Sonja.  ‘Sulien ap Gwien, a woman warrior and daughter of the King of a small part of the island of Tir Tanagiri, is brutally raped by six invading Jarnsmen and her brother is murdered. While travelling to the capital to request help from Urdo, the High King, she happens upon a battle between some more Jarnsmen and some the King’s soldiers. Sulien proves her skill in battle and, drawn in part by the young King’s leadership and charisma, she enlists in the cavalry.’

Come to think of it – parts remind me of The Green Rider by Kristen Britain.

Huh, I should totally start reading this…